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“This site is very simple... no bells, no whistles.”

“Why?  Because I believe simplicity is the essence of clear and concise communication.

It’s important that your customers get your message, engage and act with nothing standing in the way. Nothing at all.

First Edition Design is an affordable Agency alternative without all the complex moving parts. I like it that way and you will too.

So take a look at our work and draw your own conclusions.

And get in touch if you need clarity and a fresh perspective.” 


Websites that work

heart centre website design
website design menzies

Brands born here

Brand development first edition design
logo design
dynamic controls linx logo
brand development
first edition creative logo design
logo design 106 bar
branding experts
wicked logo
corporate logo design

Print and advertising that sells

From business cards to Annual Reports. Trust First Edition Design to deliver the highest quality print focused design. We are also experienced with packaging design. We can also oversee print production too.

First Edition Design print
First Edition Design Print Christchurch
First Edition Design Annual Reports
First Edition Design Print that sells
First Edition Creative Design
First Edition Design Packaging
brochure design
First Edition Design Annual Report design
First Edition Design brochure design


It's safe to say every image requires a bit of work.

From photoshop modification to full-on illustration, we'll deliver.

complex illustration
First Edition Creative illustration
buzzy bee illustration
photoshop illustration
First Edition Design technical illustration

Focus on what is important


You might be starting up and not have considered your branding at all; your current branding might not reflect what your company does or simply be out-dated?

Defining your brand is the important first step.

First Edition Design branding and logo design

What we do

•  Brand Development

•  Logo Design

•  Website Design

•  Print

•  Advertising

•  Packaging

•  Illustration

•  Signage

•  Trade Show Displays

Tell your brand story

What are your outcomes?

A pivotal question.

It is not until you have a clear picture of your objectives that you can develop the best strategies to achieve them. Simple.

Who are your customers and what is the best way to reach them?

Self explainatory but can be a trick question. You may find your customers are not where you think they are.

Target your marketing
What is your unique selling proposition

What is your unique selling proposition?

It might be a feature, benefit, service, or you could be  gloves off and fighting it out on price.

If you don't have one you need to take another look.

Evaluate your competition

Look closely at what your competition is doing and just as importantly... what they are not.

Evaluate your competition
Keep innovating

Don't stand still

What is your market doing and where is it going?

Continue to innovate and always look for opportunities.


The bottom line

Our bottom line is all about improving yours so call us today and find clarity and a fresh perspective.


Phone: 027 228 9500



6 Herbs Place



New Zealand

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